The way we handle images urgently needs innovation.

Our capacity to take high resolution pictures has completely surpassed our ability to display them correctly on websites and mobile devices. Today, it is very easy to take pictures of 100mpx resolution (check this awesome examples from Phase One here!), we have screens of up to 33mpx resolution, but when it comes to the images we put on our websites, it is very difficult to go above 1 to 2mpx…
In other words, we are losing up to 98% of the quality we capture with our cameras. The Internet as we know it is not able anymore to handle this tremendous amount of data and bring it to viewers . You need to do a compromise between the quality of your images and the performance of your website.
And the worst is, you actually need to invest resources to degrade the images, in terms of formatting, cropping and overall optimization. It is a disaster…

…And everyone suffers from it! Artists are not rewarded for their work, developers have to do tedious image-related tasks that bring no value, the audience keeps facing low-resolution, static images that reduce their interaction and the time they spend on a website, and ultimately, brands cannot express their uniqueness and showcase the quality of their products.The overall image workflow is broken which results in low ROI on digital image assets for everyone.

Discover Prodibi:

We deliver new standards of beauty and delight to the online image experience. Our Swiss-made image solution provides everything to display full-resolution images with full quality and great performance, from the upload to the encoding, administration, delivery and display of the pictures. The best? It is as simple to integrate to a website as a Youtube video, all it takes is one click.

The world of online picture is shifting, we brings to life images for an unprecedented visual experience.

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