Leader of the first place in Beauty/Lifestyle in the APA National Awards, Gold in beauty and nudes at the Px3 Prix de le Photographie Paris, and first place in beauty at the Moscow Foto Awards, the 20 years anniversary advertising campaign of the French cosmetic brand, « Le Petit Olivier », is a major success in term of Marketing!

Where are these beautiful places, you ask? Don't ask where; try asking who. Only Vincent Dixon the photographer knows.

The initial project led by Leo Burnett France and Eric Landwoski as Art Director was to create a fine art series of nudes that appears at first glance to landscapes. The campaign, “Respectons La Beaute” or “Respect Beauty,” marks the brand’s 20 year anniversary and celebrates the founding philosophy of creating beauty products with a deep respect for nature, which is brilliant because ads here are seen as real fine art photographies.

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The campaign was also printed in a fine art book and exhibited at the Galerie Nikki Diana Marquardt in Paris with large fine art prints (3’ x 6’ and bigger).

A 50-second TV spot was also realised. What do you think? Discover the perfection of bodies by clicking and zooming on the below full-resolution pictures!

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