This week on Prodibi we choose to focus on an amazing discovery: Pierre Atelier, wedding & lifestyle French photographer and adventurer!

About the artist###

Pierre Atelier is a French photographer based in Paris and specialized in Wedding Photography, Lifestyle, and Portrait!

He discovered photography for the first time in San Francisco in 1998 and started to make his first black and with analog photographies in New York.

Pierre works with some fashion and lifestyle magazines too... like Elle Magazine, Desillusion Magazine, Olympia...

You can find him riding his bike in the tiny streets of Paris or savoring a coffee in a typical Parisian Bistrot accompanied by his loyal Compax g2 :-)

Discover the universe of Pierre!

Love is in the air

Pierre's favorite subject is without any doubt beautiful couples sharing happiness and love...and he sometimes goes far away from home to meet them!

Pierre is a travel lover, when he is not in Paris you can find him on the other side of the World taking beautiful pictures: New York, Bali and most recently Reykjavik...

His compositions are absolutely gorgeous, full of colors and details!

Pierre said about details: "I love tiny details, to me that makes great pictures"

We absolutely share his mind at Prodibi, that is why we want to provide you the best tool to present and display to the world your ENTIRE picture with all its details!

Click on Pierre's pictures to discover them and enjoy all these details!

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