This week on Prodibi, we make a focus on a very special niche photography: Food and especially Fashion Food like LenaKa loves to call it!

Let's discover that incredible photography world through this interview! Click on the images to discover this masterwork in Full-Resolution

####A few words about you? How did you start photographing food?
  • We are an artist duo from Russia and France and we founded LenaKa FoodFashion Photography Studio 3 years ago. At this moment I took personal pictures of the recipes I made myself and I decided to make a small book, illustrated with my images not to forget them. A friend of mine saw one of my books and advised me to dedicated myself to that kind of photography because I was good at that.

What are your favorite pictures and tell us a few words about them? why are they so special?

  • Our favorite photo series is without any doubt our "Underwater" series with water splash because they are technically very interesting to make and visually dynamic and fresh!

Photographing food is a very particular type of photography…What is your favorite photography equipment for such work? If you would have to choose one lens, what would it be and why?

  • Food Photography is very demanding. That is why our photography equipment is composed of two Canon 5DMII, one Canon 5DSR and we use Elinchrom 500w Flash with Soft Boxes and Honeycomb grids.

  • For ou type of photography, we frequently use the canon 24-105mm F4 because it covers the vast majority of our needs.

####On a Food Fashion session, what is the composition of your team? What makes it so particular?
  • We are always two, me and my husband, Nicolas. We make all the art direction and food design ourselves! We are lucky to make the job of our dream and to do it with passion!

####Food looks particularly delicious on your pictures, maybe sometimes too good to be true ^^ What do you do with it after the shooting, is it consumed?
  • All our pictures are real and made with natural products and edible, there is only post production on the colors and contrasts... All the pictures have been "eaten" after shot!

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####What would be your photography goal? Your dream assignment, commissioned work?
  • Our photography goal is to bring happiness to people that look at our photos. And if we talk about our client, our purpose is to help them to develop their activity and glorify their cooking skills.

  • We dream to make a big international advertising campaign!

If you want to see more work of those amazing artists:
LenaKa Website

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