This week on Prodibi we are lucky to feature an amazing young Artist: Natalia Evelyn Bencicova.

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About the artist

Born in 1992, Natalia Evelyn Bencicova is a visual creative working mostly with digital photography.

Natalia starts making pictures in 2012 but the passion was always here as she always uses images and pictures to express herself.

Natalia grew up in Bratislava, Slovakia in a huge housing complex where the only view was other people windows... As a child, she used to observe those multiple "screens" and developed her imagination by observing and dreaming all the different details of life that were passing behind those windows.

She imagined the whole apartment, the entire reality, and her fantasy was always expressed in pictures.

Natalia studied in Vienna at the University of Applied Arts, class of photography and fine art where she developed her universe and photography identity.

Natalia is Broncolor GenNext winner and ambassador and winner of Hasselblad Masters Portrait Award 2016.

She is frequently published in magazines such as Shon, Vogue, Self Service, Dazed & Confused and many others.

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Disenchanted Beauty

In her work, Natalia tries to pursue a point in which the commercial and artistic meet. The combination of academic knowledge, interesting aesthetics, strong message and active communication with the audience are important aspects of her work.

She works mostly on staged scenes and taking the picture is only the last, sometimes easiest step of the whole process because the preparation is complex: Art Direction, Casting, Set design etc... Her main role is to create a whole world and for a moment transform the idea into reality.

What is noteworthy in Natalia's work is the disenchanted atmosphere into it. Here, beauty is not classic. She loves finding Magnificence into things that in appearance are far from being beautiful.

She brings us to her cold universe, strange and clinic, sometimes scary and even disturbing, always playing with the Sacred & the Profane with numerous religious allegories.

If you want to see more of Natalia Bencicova's Work:

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