This week on Prodibi, let's focus on a particular photographic domain that asks patience and organization: Still Life Photography.

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A few words about you: Where are you from? How did you start photography and when?

  • My name is Bogdan Dreava and I'm from Timisoara, Romania. I've started taking pictures in high school, and after that, I've decided to go into my passion in depth by studying Photography at the West University of Timisoara from 2010 to 2013. After College, I've started to take photography in a more seriously way and focusing only on one genre, which is Still Life Photography.

Why did you choose Still Life photography as a specialty? Did you make another style of pictures before (portrait, beauty, etc.) or Still life has always been your predilection style?

  • I've tried multiple styles of photography from Portraits, Street Photography, and Landscapes, but for me Still Life Photography is more challenging and rewarding because everything can be a subject and with a little bit of imagination there are no limits. I like to make silly and colorful images, that’s a good reason to choose this kind of photography.

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Your compositions looks rigorous and painstakingly organized? Does it reflect your character? :-)

  • I put all my effort in creating perfectly aligned compositions but I sometimes forget how to organize my life, but I'm working on it…:-)

What is your favorite photography gears (camera, flash, accessories)? If you would have to choose one Lens what would it be?

  • My setup is very simple and most of the time I use my favorite combination which is Sony a7 and two old manual focus lens, Konica 50mm, and Carl Zeiss 35mm. Both are super sharp and looks old school, but I would love to have the Otus 85mm lens from Carl Zeiss.

How do you decide what you will photograph? How do you proceed to create pictures, are you a user of sketches and storyboards?

  • Right now I’m focusing more on pre-production: what will be my subject, compositions and what technique to use and I try to stay as much as I can close to the initial plan.

This helps me to have more predictable results and save a lot of time. But from time to time I don’t make any sketches and just start shooting and experimenting.

If you would have personal advice for beginners Still Life photographers, what would it be?

  • The good part about Still Life Photography is that you don’t need expensive equipment to start, you can start with a tripod and just natural light. For beginners, I suggest to use only one light and focusing on subject, composition, colors and framing.

Do you have special projects in progress (assignment, exhibitions, etc.)?

  • In the last year, I've started to experiment with 3D software and my goal is to finish a project where I combine photography with 3D elements.

What is your photography goal?

  • My goal is to produce images that I enjoy and continuing to experiment and try new techniques.

Thank you!!!

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