Fashion Photography is a dream for some photographers which goal is to create amazing images, editorial and to be published in some magazines .

This week on Prodibi, we choose to focus on one of them: Rebecca Miller. Her universe is dedicated to fashion and portraiture, gorgeous light and elegant, sophisticated mood

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About the artist

Rebecca Miller is an American photographer splitting her time between New York and London.

She shoots fashion and portraiture and all grey areas in between. She first picked up a camera in high school and then spent most of her time in the darkroom. Her favourite thing to do was to break into all the abandoned military buildings in Northern California and take pictures of her friends.

Straight after art school she moved to London to pursue her photography further. Inspired by the beautiful architecture, softness of light, and the grittiness of East London, she continued to push her work forward eventually getting editorial and advertising work.

She now works closely with agencies, brands, record labels, PR's, and editorials not only shooting but in many cases doing the art direction as well. She calls both London and New York home and works in both countries.

Her clients include Disney, Wedgwood, Baileys, NBC, Universal, Harrods, The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, The Telegraph Magazine, and Vice.

A Sophisticated Universe

What is relevant in Rebecca Miller's universe is the Sophisticated touch she puts in all her pictures. Her work is about atmosphere, making the location, light, and colour just as important as the subject. She aims to tell a story in every picture.

Whether it is in her commissioned work or portrait or advertising, Rebecca grants a high importance on the details.

She works mostly on staged scenes, background and scenery are sophisticated, always chosen with good taste. Styling is also carefully chosen, the models have a preppy style but very fashion with elegant dresses, luxury pieces and trendy accessories.

Combined with a very soft light, mostly natural, it creates a perfect feminine universe proper to Rebecca.

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