For several years now, natural look in photography, less post production, and back to the raw are quite trendy

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About the artist

Nicole Pagán is native of the beautiful island of Puerto Rico and she traveled to the US in 2010 to pursue her passion. She has more than 6 years of experience in Photography, Filmmaking, Retouching, Multimedia, Social Media, Talent Managing and Creative Direction. With a strong background in Fine Arts and a Major in Photography, she graduated in May of 2013 from the Boston University.

Nicole has her own group of talents which she uses in all her campaigns. She is also the founder of the movement #GIRLBYAGIRL which is a platform for all female artists from all over the world.

Nicole is regularly published on Nylon Mag, Nylon Japan, PLAYBOY.COM, Elle China, Elle USA, Vogue Italia, HIGHTIMES, Submerge Magazine, Damaged Mag, NAKID Magazine, Toksick Magazine, Sticks and Stones Magazine, C-heads Magazine to name a few.

"I like the rawness of the moments I capture"

Nicole Pagán is a creative soul that enjoys capturing visions inspired by her imagination and dreams. She started by making a lot of Self Portraits. Her work beckons you to step from this world into hers. This palpable realm, like her, commonly known user handle leaves you breathless suggests, her work evokes a subtle and airy energy, which is as vital and gentle as breath itself.

Nicole shoots both film and digital, but mainly digital with a Sony A7. Even in her digital pictures, she loves keeping it simple with the less amount possible of post-production. She says: "I like the rawness of the moments I capture". That process gives to her work a vintage touch that is really trendy and make her work powerful and also very popular on social media.

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