TL;DR: go at the end of this article, fill out the form, and receive your Prodibi plugin in your mailbox in the coming days!

Last March we started to send our Prodibi Wordpress plugin to a handful of people to see how well our image display solution could perform on a Wordpress platform.

And this April, thanks to the great feedback we received, we want to give our followers an early access to it so that you can enjoy it before the official release!

What does it mean concretely?

By using our plugin, you will be able to embed in 1 click an image or an album in full quality, full size, without losing in performance, on both your web and mobile websites. We take care of everything for you, you don't need to worry anymore about the formatting, compression, cropping or responsiveness of your images, we take care of it for you automatically at the time of the upload! On top, we provide you with enough storage and bandwidth for your photos!

*The first full end-to-end image display solution, to solve all issues of displaying images on the web and mobile*

So how does it work?

It was actually built to be the easiest, smoothest experience you can ask when it comes to your online images.

  • First, install the Prodibi plugin the usual way (register using the form at the end of the post to receive it!), and then, directly within your Wordpress dashboard, create your Prodibi account, create your first album, and upload your first images to use the plugin

    Our account media library displayed within our Wordpress dashboard thanks to the Prodibi plugin
*The larger images you upload, the better experience you will have! No need to compress your images anymore!*
  • Once these steps are done (installing the plugin, creating your Prodibi account, creating an album and uploading a firt image), you will see 3 new buttons displayed on your Edit Post page: Prodibi Image, Prodibi Album, Prodibi Album Grid

    The new 3 Prodibi action buttons on top of your text editor

  • Now, this is where the magic happens! Want to embed full-resolution images from your Prodibi account? Just click the "Prodibi Image" action button, select the image you want, press insert shortcode, and voilà! That's it, you are done!

    The selected image we want to embed and its setting menu

  • And you can follow the exact same steps to embed as many images, albums or grid of albums you want!

*No matter the number of images you have and their size, your webpage will NOT be slowed down and the display will be perfect on both the web and mobile!*

Now, let's check the possible options for your website:

  • Prodibi image:

    A fashion shot by the excellent Joao Carlos, see the details on the leather?

  • Prodibi album:

*Food fashion by the amazing [Lenaka](, yummy isn't it?*
  • Prodibi Album Grid:
*More examples from some of our favorites photographers: [Lance Asper](, [Evelyn Bencicova](, and [Bogdan Dreava](!* >
*This is just the tip of the iceberg, we will detail all available options in a coming article, stay tuned!*

Now it is your turn to try our plugin

Are you ready to request your access? Just fill out the form below, we will send 50 plugins a week! It is FREE to use, we only ask you to provide your feedback so we can continue to progress!

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