This week on Prodibi let's talk about Architecture & Photography!

Our photographer of the week: Christian Theile is fond of searching amazing graphic places to photograph! Discover his tips, secrets, and philosophy.

A few words about you? Explain me a little bit how did you start photography?

  • Hello my name is Christian from Munich Germany and I’m working at the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology. I love to travel to beautiful places around the world and photography gives me the possibility to freeze a lot of magical moments.

  • In my whole life I’ve been shooting landscapes and some macro stuff. But more and more, I realized that my love of symmetry, lines, and forms bring me to architecture. I have been shooting cityscapes and architecture for 8 years and I love staircases. Friends of mine told me that my work looks really professional but I’m very critical of myself, that I think that I’m more a semi-professional.

What is your philosophy about Architecture Photography and why is it your predilection style?

  • For example, staircases are often seen as a boring place! But this is not true because a lot of people don’t understand why I want to take a picture of a staircase?! Stairs are the last thing that would come to mind if someone asks me about my photo subjects, but then I explain to them what I want to do. I do no capture Stairs photography but the endless forms and colors and I want to show how unique Stairs and extraordinary architecture can be.

Do you take another type of photography like portrait, landscape, nature?

  • At the moment my focus is on architecture and staircases. But if I’m on a trip to a small island or in the mountains then I will take a picture of beautiful scenery too.

####About your photography gear. What is your favorite photography equipment? If you would have to choose one lens, what would it be and why?
  • Everything started with a second hand Canon DSLR 400 and a 18-55mm lens. Because my technical requirement grew, the wish to get a better gear came. I bought a new Camera, the Canon 60D and my first wide angle 10-22mm and also a 24-105mm, for my next level in Photography. After 4 years I changed my gear again into a full frame camera system and new lenses. Now I am really happy with my Canon 5D mark III and my Zeiss 18mm, my Canon fisheye 8-15mm and a Canon 24-70mm.

  • If I have to choose one lens, then I would take my 18mm Zeiss Lens. Because it’s small and not too heavy (perfect for all this undercover "freehand" shooted stuff) I love it! But a nearly perfect all-rounder is a Canon 16-35mm 4L zoom lens with stabilization and autofocus. It can be a great helper in lowlight situations.

####What make you choose a location for a photoshoot? Do you make location spotting before?
  • To find nice and extraordinary architecture in my town and everywhere I have to use the internet for searching. The very good stuff is mostly hidden so it’s very important to make a research before. That’s very challenging me and it is only 50% of the job. Next step is to come in. Sometimes you get an "okay" if you ask, but often you get a "no way", then you have to find another way to come in!
    For a good spot, I never give up!

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Do you have photography project for the future (exhibition etc...)

  • For the future I’m going to visit the Scandinavians area. Because I like the minimalism, straight and clear architecture there. And who knows, if I find a suitable gallery for my exhibition in Munich to show huge prints, so yes… I would love to show my work on huge high-quality prints.

If you want to see more of Christian Theile's Work:

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