This week on Prodibi, let's talk about Gaetano Cartone, Italian Fashion Photographer who flighted to Tokyo in quest of success!

Discover his amazing pictures in full resolution, powered by Prodibi, and his feedbacks about Tokyo as a photographer in a nice interview. Here we go!

About the artist

Gaetano Cartone is a Tokyo - Milan-based fashion photographer, born in Giulianova (Italy) in 1988. He discovered photography at the age of thirteen and started to share his original point of view through his grandpa's Olympus OM10. Gaetano graduated at Istituto Italiano di Fotografia (2013) in Milan and he is specialized in Fashion and Portrait Photography.

He worked as an assistant for several photographers like Sonny Vandevelde, Alessandro Dealberto, Nicola Serafini and Lior Susana. He's a Polaroider and arachnophobic.

Among his ever-growing list of amazing clients: VOGUE.DE (web), ZINK Magazine (usa), Kaltblut Magazine (ger), Zodiac Magazine (nl), Unfolded Magazine (uk), Superior Magazine (ger), Impostor Magazine (usa),Trend Prive Magazine (usa), Abraham K Hangul, Roen Japan, Modamania Japan, Pampaloni, Viviano Sue Couture, Milleporte, Plain Clothing, Ayura, Fee Tokyo, Atelier Polline, Anna Galaganenko, Hope Milano, Sonia Galiano...

Milan is already a great Fashion Capital, why choosing Tokyo then? How did you get that opportunity?

  • Yes, Milan is a great fashion capital, full of good opportunities for making fashion and creative works, but since I was a kid I've always been very curious and interested in the Japanese culture. When I was working in Milan I had the chance to meet many Japanese people working for Japanese fashion companies and that was the kickstart for my current career in Japan. I must admit that Japan is not a “cool” place for Fashion, but I find in this country a unique sense of creativity and a unique sense of perceiving the art. And last but no least, Japanese clients pay much much better than the Italian ones.

So? Do you prefer Milan or Tokyo? Is your new location changed something in your universe?

  • I miss Milan, or rather the European culture. The everyday life, walkings in a beautiful (European) city, the humor, friendly people. After four years I have changed a lot: I drink ice coffee (and Italians absolutely hate it, we just drink espresso), I make bows for greeting/thanking/apologizing to other people, I have stopped touching anybody even friends or making normal handshakes (which is rude in Japan). I think my photographic style changed too since I came to Japan.

What is your favorite photography gear and your favorite lens?

  • I had the chance of shooting with many cameras so far. I like shooting with the always super reliable EOS 5D Mark III and I love using the Profoto lights, great quality, and good design. Talking *about film photography I could not imagine my life without my polaroids and my Mamiya Pro RZ 67, especially in combo with Velvia 100 or Portra 400 films!

  • Leica M6 is a special camera too! About lenses, I love the Canon 100mm macro*, Nikon 105mm macro, Zeiss 85mm f1.4* and Sekor Z 140mm macro.

What is your photography goal? A dream magazine? Celebrity to photograph?

  • Besides saving the world from an alien invasion, I hope to be featured by a famous magazine like Vogue Italia or ID someday. I'd like also to have the chance to portrait some famous musicians in the future. Two above all, the Daft Punk. That would really really make me happy!

To see more of Gaetano's work:


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