This week on Prodibi, we have the chance to meet and interview a very talented photographer: Marina Reiter from Austria and specialized in Dog Photography.

Discover her secrets, experience, and story in this very cool interview, with full-resolution pictures of fluffy models!

A few words about you? How did you start photography and when?

My name is Marina Reiter, I’m 31 years old, and I live in Goldwörth, in Austria. 11,5 years ago, I got my first dog Kimo. He was my soul-dog and sadly, he passed away in April of this year. Like most of the dog owners, I started to photograph him as much as possible. Since this was so great fun for me, I took the photography more and more seriously, and after a year I bought my first DSLR. I became more and more inquisitive and finally found on the Internet a great forum about animal photography. There, I got valuable tips and practiced diligently. My dog Kimo was always a good model for me, so he grew up to be the perfect photographer dog. I got to know a lot of photographers and some of them became real friends. Together, we are often on the road and test new locations or simply share ideas.

What is your favorite photography gear? If you would have to choose one Lens what would it be?

I love my Canon 5D Mark 3, and I’m an enthusiastic Canon Fan. A dream would be a combination of the Canon 5D Mark 4 and the Canon 7D Mark 2. That would be the perfect combination of ingenious portrait camera and an incredibly fast action camera.

If I could only select one lens, then this would be the Canon 85mm f/1.2 II USM. Super light and fast lens – perfect for portraits and action.

Working with "furry models", is it really different from working with people? What is your secret to catch their attention, it must be difficult, isn't it?

A good question. I think you can’t say this so much. Dogs are my passion, and I like to work with them. Patience is needed in both divisions. It is so much fun for me to deal with animals that I find it easy to work with them.

To get the dog’s attention, you have to be inventive, and you get help from the owner. I like to use cat sounds and so it often happens that I lie on the ground and meow like a cat. Very high sounds such as whining or simply the favorite toy of the dog, which the owner throws behind me help a lot too!

Can you explain me a little bit how you direct a photo session? Do you make the owner participate to the photoshoot?

The first contact is made either by phone or by e-mail. Here I clarify all questions, and the dog owner informs me of his wishes. When it is done, I look for the location, or if the owner knows a great location, I also go there. The shooting could be viewed as a photo walk. We go together to the location and chat in the meantime over all possibilities. I let them describe the peculiarities and the essence of the dog to put him or her in the best position. I love it when photos reflect the character of the dog.

What is your best souvenir from a photoshoot?

With each shooting, I take special and beautiful memories with me. I could not name any particular souvenir because each shooting is beautiful and funny in its own way.

Most beautiful is for me always the smile of the dog owner when I show photos on the camera while we make the shooting. That is why I love my job.

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Do you have special projects for the future (workshops, travel, exhibition)?

Yes, this year in August, my girlfriend Jasmin and I go to beautiful southern Germany. This is our first Photo-Tour in Germany, and we offer shootings and coaching during all our travel. In September, I will attend a workshop for horse photography by Carina Maiwald, and next year another Photo-Tour will be planned in Germany.

A dream would be a photo travel to Iceland. The landscape is so beautiful and special there.

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All photographs copyright Marina Reiter and used with her permission.

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