Sun is Up! July is here, and it is time to chill a little bit! We compiled the MOST-READ blog posts from this year so that you can rediscover them by the pool, with stunning images in full-resolution like always! Let's start in July with the first half of our Top 10 MOST-READ posts

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1# Finnish Fineart Landscapes with Lauri Lohi

Refreshing no? Discover those breathtaking Finnish & Fairy landscapes photos made by the photographer & NiSi filters ambassador, Lauri Lohi. From mysterious forests, quiet snowy mountains to amazing aurora borealis, travel to these Finnish treasures through his stunning pictures.

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2# Interview: Diego Speroni, Advertising Retoucher

Diego comes from a very sunny country, Argentina, and he is also an award-winning retoucher! Discover his amazing work as advertising retoucher, find tons of information about his story, experience, and advices about post-production in this very cool interview!

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3# Filmmaking, Fashion & Portrait Photography by Nicole Pagan

Summer vibes from California! Discover the universe of Nicole Pagan, photographer from Puerto Rico, who is dedicaded to keep the rawness of the moments she captures with less post-production, natural pictures and the use of Filmmaking Photography! Feel her vintage touch!

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4# Pierre Atelier: Wedding Photographer & Lifestyle Adventurer

Do you think that Wedding Photography is boring and old school? Then, you do not know Pierre, right?! Pierre Atelier is a French Destination Wedding Photographer. From Rio, Bali, New York to Paris, he is the man of the situation to immortalize love and romantic couples! It is time to discover his work in full resolution.

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5# Top 5 of everything you need to know about Drone Photography!

Here we go, number 5 and last article for July! One of the most exciting developments in photography in the last two years is the use of drone to take always better pictures. Recently, the cost of getting a camera into the air has dropped dramatically, contributing to its popularity, and if you decide to venture down this road, I suggest you check this quick guide to learn everything you need to know about Drone Photography!

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