It is time to travel this week on Prodibi! Travel to the streets of San Francisco like you've never seen them, through the eyes of Bart Pogoda, our photographer of the week.

Bart is a director and photographer based in Warsaw, Poland. Bart’s sense of beauty combines breathtaking landscapes with moments of intimacy, his passion for travel is visible through each piece of work he creates.

Discover his series about San Francisco in full res powered by Prodibi!

A few words about you. Explain me a little bit how did you start photography?

I started many years ago although it seems like it was yesterday. My parents gave my old Russian camera - smena. It was 1988 or 1989 - we went for holidays to Hungary. Later on, I became more serious about it but my roots are in so called "street photography". From 1995 to nowadays I love to travel, walk, watch and shoot :)

About your travel to San Francisco, can you explain me the context? Was it for a job or for holidays? How long was this trip?

I work also as a film director. I got an assignment to shoot a video for clothing company from Poland. We spent few days to check the locations, I shot video and then I had 2 days for walking. I guess I did 120 kilometers on foot.

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What did you discover in San Francisco? Something surprising from where you live that you wanted to immortalize?

I went there before but it was in 1998. So I did not remember much. So I had to rediscover SF :) My fav place: Mission District and Castro District. And also hills above the center. It feels like you are in heaven ;)

Did you met a lot of new people? What is your best souvenir?

It was the time for myself and I had time to walk, think and chill so I did not talk or meet anyone. Best souvenir? I found great prism (big piece of glass) which I used to shoot some of the photos on that trip.

Do you have over Trips scheduled? Plans for the future? Where would you dream to go?

I have many dreams and places that I wish to go. Japan again for sure (Okinawa), Australia for road trip. Again California with my family. But tomorrow I fly to Croatia for one week for a short holidays. :)

To see more of Bart's work:


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