You have just finished editing pictures from your latest photo shoot and you are ready to share them with your friends and followers or simply to deliver them to your clients.

However, each of your pictures easily weights at least 20mb and you don't want to compress them, it would not make sense to lose the quality of your images after all your hard work! The nightmare is just starting...

The new transfer features are available starting today on [Prodibi]( and FREE of charge. Come and try them!

We know how frustrating sending photos can be, that's why we are excited to introduce our new Prodibi Transfer features!

Prodibi is the easiest way to send your full-resolution images to anyone in an instant while preserving their quality. Your albums and photos are ready to be sent as soon as you are done uploading them to your Prodibi account!

New features have been added to give you even more control on your photo transfers and to simplify your workflow as a photographer. No matter if you shoot weddings, fashion or landscape, our Transfer features will not let you down!

Create a dedicated Transfer Album

A Transfer Album is, as the name suggests, a dedicated album to send your photos to anyone in a simple and very high-quality way. You can't embed the images from this album, and the album itself has an expiration date of 7 days. But in return, the photos you upload in a Transfer Album count for neither your weekly limit nor your storage limit!

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Here are the simple steps you need to take:
  • Select Create Transfer on your media library dashboard to create the Transfer Album
  • Fill out the information if needed
  • Wait for the upload AND encoding to be completed
  • Once completed, copy the URL link of your Transfer Album and share it!

As you can see in the last picture above, your Transfer Albums are marked with a special symbol so you can differentiate them from other normal photo albums.

See your transfer settings at a glance

With the new options panel, you automatically see all your transfer settings for more control and security. Just click on the Share Button to access this setting panel.

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As default, your gallery is set to private and your images can be downloaded in full-resolution. You will also find again the same URL link to send your photo gallery.

Edit your transfer settings

In the sharing options, in just one click, you can decide to switch your album from private to public. As mentioned, all your Transfer Albums are set to private by default meaning that you can access the gallery only if you have the URL link.

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On top, if the full-resolution is not required, for instance if you send the images to a journalist, you can simply select the download in web size option and let Prodibi perfectly handle the optimization of your photos for you.

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See the result

When the upload and encoding of your photos are done, Prodibi automatically creates an album for you so that the recipient of your URL link can directly enjoy the images you have just sent. No more download links, Zip files, or low resolution pictures, with Prodibi you have the full quality and full performance no matter if you use a laptop or a mobile device. It is the simplest and most efficient way to send you photos to your friends, family, colleagues, clients...just anyone! See for yourself:

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Once you click the link, you have the full gallery directly accessible. You can decide to download either:
  • The full album at once by clicking the menu on the top right corner of the album (picture 2 above)


  • The images you like by selecting the picture and clicking the menu on the top right corner for the respective images (picture 3 above)

See for yourself, click the image below to access the full gallery and test the download feature:

[](" target="_blank)

Just a simple and efficient way to see all images at once in full quality and decide which ones you want to download

## The choice is yours

Prodibi offers two possibilities to its users. You can either enjoy:

  • The FREE Transfer Album that comes with 2 GB of storage, a 200 images upload limit, and a 7 days expiration date. You can create as many Transfer Albums you want within these limits.


  • Our Ultime Premium Plan that comes with no upload limit, custom expiration dates AND URL links (from never to 1 year expiration), up to 20 GB of transfer at once, and up to 100 GB of storage for your transfer photos.

Give it a try and stop wasting time transferring your images! It is FREE on [Prodibi](, all you need is to create an account!

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This is just a first step to simplify your photographer workflow and to reward your work as an artist by always displaying the full quality of your photos. Create an account for FREE on to start the journey with us.

Much more is coming, so stay tuned and subscribe to our mailing to get all the info before anyone else, follow this link:

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Photos by Teddy Kelley

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