July is over, for some of us it is time to get back to work but for others, August has just started and it is time to have a bit of fun! We propose you to discover the Part II of our Top 10 MOST-READ posts: the best interviews with the best images in full resolution, powered by Prodibi as usual.

Here we go!

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1# Fabulous Food Fashion Photography with LenaKa

Studio LenaKa is the combination of 2 talents: a photographer and a food designer and the result is absolutely spectacular. Let's focus on a very special niche photography, the (Fashion) Food Photography like LenaKa loves to call it and let's dive into this universe where food is sublimated and surprising!

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2# Beautiful body landscape meets fine art

Is advertising still able to surprise you? Is advertising capable to be seen as fine-art? The answer is definitely YES when you see the last campaign of Le Petit Olivier, a french cosmetic brand. Discover the series of Body Landscapes made by Advertising Photographer Vincent Dixon in full resolution.

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3# Interview: Gaetano Cartone, Fashion Photographer in Japan

Gaetano Cartone is a Fashion photographer, born in Italia but it is in another country he decided to base his professionnal activity: Japan! Discover his fantastic universe in full resolution and his experience and tips as expat photographer.

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4# Surreal Fine-art Photographer: Natalia Evelyn Bencicova

Natalia Evelyn Bencicova is a young visual artist that grew up in Bratislava Slovakia. She studied in Vienna, Applied Arts, photography, and fine art and developped her artistic vision. Discover her complex universe made of disenchanted beauties, cold and even disturbing sometimes, where ugliness become magnificient!

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5# Interview: Giacomo Bruno, traveling the world and taking portraits!

He travels the world in quest of meeting diversity and beauties that count our world. Giacomo Bruno is an Italian Photographer, specialized in portraits, and several years ago he decided to travel the world and to immortalize Humanity in his portraits. Discover his wonderful universe with pictures in full resolution and his experience of Photographer Traveller.

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