This week on Prodibi, let's talk about still life but not in Photography this time. We will speak of art for sure but something that you may not have seen before: 3D-art.

Joel Guzman, our artist featured this week, is a painter and digital 3D artist. He creates surrealistic objects that defy the laws of gravity and logic sometimes... Discover his artwork in full resolution powered by Prodibi and his interview!

A few words about you. Explain me a little bit how did you start digital art and painting?

I’m a Toronto-based artist working in digital 3D art and painting. I studied Drawing & Painting at OCAD University. My current body of work is primarily digital, creating 3D rendered scenes, mostly still lives. Before that, I was doing a lot of process-based abstract paintings on shaped canvases.

Doing digital work appealed to me because I wasn’t limited by any physical space or materials. It gave me a certain freedom to experiment and create work relatively fast.

Your digital still life are absolutely stunning! Can you explain us a little bit how do you proceed? I guess you draw first and work after on your computer?

Thanks! I don’t do any sketching before hand. I have a vague idea of what I want to create and then just start experimenting directly in Blender, which is an open source 3D graphics software. I start by sculpting objects and playing with composition, trying different lighting setups and colors. It comes together pretty organically, as one step will lead to the next. Once rendered, I’ll often bring the image into Photoshop for some final touches.

How do you define your style? What does inspire you?

I guess my style could be described as surreal, with a little abstraction thrown in the mix. I tend to look at painters' work for inspiration. Edward Hopper, Alex Colville, and Cézanne are a few of my favorites.

Besides your digital art you also do painting on traditional supports, do you have the same approach? What do you prefer?

Yeah, I think the mindset is the same. Even though both mediums are quite different, my approach is often centered around experimentation with materials, whether they be physical or digital.

The relative newness of digital art is exciting to me. I find the seemingly limitless possibilities that digital toolsets afford really enticing. That being said, I’ll get back to painting and maybe combine both mediums eventually.

Do you have projects for future exhibitions, personal series?

I’m currently prepping for an upcoming show now and also getting ready to start work on a new series of digital work.

To see more of Joel's work:


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