Do you think it is possible to reinvent Photography? Young and award-winning French Photographer Laura Bonnefous answers us and proves it!

By using her experience in Plastic Arts, she achieved to develop an extraordinary universe: abstract and surrealistic but also very trendy!

Discover the work of this amazing photographer and her experience in this interview!

About the artist

Laura Bonnefous is a photographer. She lives and works in Paris. Laura studied for five years at the Beaux Arts in Paris, a year at the Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, and at the Ecole des Gobelins in photography.

Her photography focuses on the spaces she encounters and those she recreates in a studio. It is a sculpture-like practice of photography she proposes, through personal or commissioned works.

Inspired by the relationship that men have with the spaces and shapes that form our contemporary landscape, she recreates her own personal and metaphorical space. The images she creates lead us into the world where the shapes make the characters move, where mythologies are reversed.

Her work is inspired by sculpture and performance. Dehumanized as well as melancholic, her images create a kind of archeology of the future.

She participates in exhibitions, residencies, and competitions in France and abroad. She has been for example at the Cité Internationale des Arts and the Rencontres photographies d'Arles for the past two years, as well as at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bangkok.

She won Picto award in 2015. She was nominated among the finalists of Voix off photographers in Arles in 2016. In 2016 again, she is one of the winners of the club's award for artistic directors and European photographers selected for the Festival des Voies Off in Arles.

More recently, she is a finalist for the Photography Prize of the Academy of Fine Arts and has made her first short film. In the spring of 2017, she presented Périphéries Intérieurs, a personal exhibition for the Month of the Photo of the Grand Paris 2017 and Out of Line at the Fontaine Obscure Gallery in Aix en Provence.

You studied at Les Beaux Arts and Les Gobelins both in Paris. Did it help you to develop your Photography identity?

My studies in Les Beaux Arts was very important in the construction of my personal universe and artistic tastes.

Firstly, I expressed my first artistic works by the volume of them and performance. I collected a lot of images and shapes that I called "Silencious Shapes" in my daily life. My "Silencious Shapes" were objects, daily shapes that started to be abstract for me.

Then, I started to recreate them by giving them other shapes. Years after years, I realized that my photography research to create my installations were more important and were art themselves. That is the moment I realized that I wanted to do Photography.

After graduating from Les Beaux Arts, I wanted to learn Photography technics to get the best approach to that medium, that is why I went to Les Gobelins. In Les Gobelins, I learned many things about Photography but my artistic universe was created in Les Beaux Arts.

Those 5 years of workshop with Jean Luc Vilmouth were the best education that I had.

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Your universe is close to a plastic art conception of Photography. You do fashion, still life and even portrait. How do you define your style today?

My style is difficult to define indeed, I do not really do still life or fashion or portrait but that is exactly what I love.

I express my universe through what I question, the issue is more of substance rather than of form. I am a plastic artist that want to question our daily spaces and turn them into abstract, surrealistic universes, and I can do that by using colors, shapes, objects, and characters.

A rock can be my principal subject like a person when I make a portrait, that is not important, what is important is how I will transform them. I love to mix fashion, landscape, still life with an art performance. I develop a universe, not a specialty in a medium.

If tomorrow I would have to work on a project through another medium, I would accept the challenge, and would work with my universe but differently which is very interesting. By the way, I already did it by working on my first movie this year.

We often says that everything has been already done in Fashion. As a young Photographer, do you think that it is possible to reinvent Photography?

Yes, I think that everything has been already done but I think also that there are a billion of possibilities by transforming what has been done and the new generation of photographers shows it today.

Creativity has no limit, and fantastic universes of artists show that we can explore new ways to show Fashion. I am very optimistic on the subject. You will always find people that do not fit the mold, who go outside their comfort zone even if they are not numerous and I hope to be part of them!

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