This week on Prodibi, prepare yourself! We are happy to feature a photographer specialized in stunning Food Photography (but not only): Davide Luciano, who shares his time between London & New York!

Discover his stunning work and "in your face" style in this interview, and do not forget to zoom in his very original food photographies.

About the Artist

Davide Luciano is a New York based conceptual food and beverage photographer and motion artist. His artistic vision together with his love for storytelling has shaped his unique approach to photography.

Alongside his talented food stylist wife, Claudia Ficca with whom he forms the perfect duo, Davide creates very colorful imagery bursting with energy and ready to fill your eyes with fun! A kind of pop style that is very pleasant to see...

His captures jump off the page, whether digital, paper, billboard, or displays.

How did you start photographing food and still life, and why? Would you like to experiment other styles in the future?

It started with my first film in college, the premise was an Italian mother over feeding her son. When I transitioned into photography, I wanted to keep telling stories around food, and at the time my wife Claudia Ficca was starting out as a food stylist, so it was a perfect fit. Together, we were able to create and collaborate on various projects and we had loads of fun!

Your pictures are very colorful and pop? How do you describe your universe?

In your face!


Bold, comical, imaginative!

I like when things jump off the page! Color allows me to be bold and aggressive with my light. It also gives my work a playful quality.

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I absolutely love the « Meals Interrupted » series, is it possible to tell us the story of that series?

Meals Interrupted is a photography series which displays dining tables that have been suddenly disrupted by various disasters.

Each visual bears the image of an abandoned tabletop, one that has been disturbed by an unfortunate accident, or humorous mishap, for instance a picnic is suddenly ravaged by a swarm of bees, a devastating fire chars every meal, and a chaotic mess of school lunch is left behind after a cafeteria food fight among them. Each shot captures the uncanny sense of disappointment that follows an unexpected, hurried ending to a meal.

For that project my wife and me, have worked in collaboration with NYC-based prop stylist, Maeve Sheridan. Claudia arranged the sets and styled them, I dealt with Photography!

What we really wanted was to tell a story through food while challenging ourselves to deal with unusual conditions we established for the shots, like engaging with an army of bees, and setting fire to the props. Meals Interrupted was a true challenge, all the more that it is our second photographic project together.

To see more of Davide's work:


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