Hey everybody! This week on Prodibi let's talk about a subject you love: awesome Landscape Photography!

Etienne Ruff, a French Non-Professional - but passionate and talented - Photographer shared with us his awesome series of pictures from his trips in Iceland, The Paradise of photographers.

Discover his story, pictures in high res, and even tips for beginners!

A few words about you. Explain me a little bit how did you start photography?

I am 52 years old and I am company manager in several fields, from e-commerce to craftsmanship in France, Alsace. I did my first pictures in the analog times at the age of 15. But my studies and the creation of my own company at the age of 22 had separated me from this amazing passion that I had for photography. Until 30 years old, I traveled a lot but without taking a camera.

Recently in 2014, the desire to travel the world came back to me, but this time associated to the Photography. I bought a reflex camera and my first aim was to take pictures for e-commerce. But my children showed me their post-production with various technologic tools and I have been immediately impressed.

Did you try other photography styles? Or Landscape Photography has always been your favorite one?

An obvious yes! Travel, explore some places, really magic places, that is why I specialized myself in Landscape photography. I love shooting in Long Exposure, in places adapted to this kind of result. I do not like to reflect the exact reality of the landscape in my picture but to really create a final image that will be closed to my interpretation of this place. Landscape photography takes a lot of energy and time. Meteorologic conditions play an important role in the achievement of an image. Some places require coming back regularly in order to get better conditions.

Of course, I would like to realize one day a series of portraits. By the way, I take training courses on that thematic.

Regarding your photography gear. What is your favorite camera, lens and equipment?

Today, I work with the Sony A7rII after shooting with the Nikon D800E and D810 that are amazing cameras.

But I wanted something lighter to travel and I wanted to select the lenses I wanted from diverse brands, that is why I chose a hybrid camera. My lenses are from Canon, Sony, Zeiss or Leica. I use a lot of Wide Angle Lenses. Zeiss 15 and 21 have been my favorite for a long time. Now, I work a lot with the 16-35 2,8 III from Canon.

And of course, I work with fixed focus, Loxia 21 a Canon 35 1.4 among others. I appreciate a lot the dynamism of my camera which allows me to work with only one shooting most of the time.

An advice for beginners that want to start Landscape Photography.

Landscape Photography is really accessible, It requires patience and time. A good camera and a 16-35 are enough to start taking landscape photography. Combined with a Tripod, a must have in this field and ND grey filters, all photographer can start to take landscape pictures.

Of course, sunset and sunrise are good moments. But photos with Long Exposure during the day can be awesome! In color or in B&W, Landscape photography are always good pictures interesting to create and share.

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What was your favorite trip? Why?

My favorite trip was to Iceland. A wonderful country, a paradise for photographers. I have not finished to discover it and I think I will regularly come back. Of course, photographers know the great places, spots are famous. We must try to create images more unusual, which is not always easy in this specialty. Iceland always allows to be amazed and wondered, even when you have not your camera.

Do you have projects for the future? Workshops, Travels?

I already scheduled a trip in Italia in the Dolomites with friends. We made the first spotting. There, we hope that we will see autumn colors and create original images. I come back in Iceland in May 2018 to keep taking photographs of this beautiful country. And that's it for the moment but it can change! :)

To see more of Etienne's work:


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