This week on Prodibi, let's get a little bit of Fashion & Beauty Photography with the Brooklyn-based photographer Lara Callahan!

Dive into the glossy and minimal aesthetic universe of this great photographer. See textures, liquids, & movements that she loves using in her compositions thanks to her Full Resolution pictures, powered by Prodibi.

Here we go!

A few words about you. Explain me how did you start photography?

I’m from Boston, MA and currently based in Brooklyn, NY. I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t taking photos. As a kid, I was constantly setting up my toys and photographing them with throwaway cameras. I started shooting professionally as a nightlife and event photographer in my late teens and quickly realized it wasn’t for me. After shooting everything from weddings to still life, I discovered what drives me which is fashion & beauty.

How do you define your style as fashion and beauty photographer?

I’ve always been drawn to a glossy and minimal aesthetic. I primarily work in variations of unsaturated and nude tones and feel my work is airy & light. I often focus on the use of hands and mouths through tight macro shots to explore different movement.

Do you have inspiration from other photographers or even directors, painters?

I am very much inspired by textures, liquids, & movement. I also draw a lot of my inspiration from movies and architecture. Most of the photographers I admire shoot with a cinematic approach, such as Pieter Henket.

For you, what describes a successful picture and why?

This is tough to describe because so much of the success depends on the team. When I have a solid crew that all work well together and share similar aesthetics the images tend to turn out the way we envisioned. The process is such an important part of the final product, which can sometimes be overlooked.

When I’m working alone on personal projects that don’t require a team, I find success when what I have planned translates in camera.

About your photography gear. What are your favorite tools?

I love my 100mm macro - I am so into these tight shots of mouths, skin, hands, and limbs. I’m almost always using studio lighting, unless I’m outside. I find that I gravitate towards modifiers that will give me that glossy feel, such as a reflector with a grid. I have also recently been working with a close friend of mine to delve more into the world of film and processing everything on my own. I find that digital can sometimes take away from the intimacy between my subjects and I.

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Do you have projects for the future like a destination or an exhibition?

I recently had a pop up gallery at my studio in Bushwick and it was a blast. I’m planning to have another one this winter and am focusing on shooting video to go along with the story. Recently, most of my personal projects have focused on the female body.

To see more of Lara's work:

Lara's Website

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