You have a new fantastic set of pictures from your last shooting and you want to show it to the world. You upload your images to Prodibi to an album, and you want to add the final touch to make it the perfect photo gallery for your viewers or your client.

Did you know you can fully customize your galleries and select the point of interest of each photo? It is fast and straightforward, and the best way to WOW your audience! See the step-by-step guide below!

Custom your photo gallery to fit your style, it's simple, fast, and FREE for all our users! Come to [Prodibi]( and try with your pictures!

Prodibi's mission is to help you showcase and share your images in full-resolution online. We want to simplify as much as possible your life as a photographer so you can focus on what matters the most: creating amazing photos.

But every photographer is different, and we want to enable you to express your style through customization of your photo album.

Create your album and customize its appearance

You have just created your album, and you want to fine-tune its look, nothing more comfortable, just follow these steps:

  • Select the 500px gallery on the top menu to access the Grid Creator.
  • The grid is composed of 8 blocks arranged in 2 lines of 4 blocks.
  • Insert the pictures you want in the corresponding blocks
  • Select the layout of the images, 1 photo inside 1 block or 2 blocks horizontally/vertically or 4 blocks for these exceptional pictures you want to highlight
  • Select the point of interest of the image by clicking the button in the top right corner of each image. Prodibi makes sure that this point of interest is always displayed no matter the size of the screen!
  • Share your newly created and beautiful photo gallery with the world!

See the video below for a visual explanation and make sure to see the result!

The result, share it if you like! To the gallery

*Photos from the Nature Photographer of the year constest 2017 © 2017 National Geographic

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Give it a try and create stunning photo galleries you can display and share proudly! It is FREE on [Prodibi](, all you need is to create an account!

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