This week on Prodibi, let's talk again about pure art and especially the combination of arts.

Our photographer of the week, Manuel Braun, portrayed a contemporary dancer in the streets of Alexandria, Egypt, during one of his trips which gave birth to this amazing series of pictures called "Alexandria on stage" and exhibited in the French Institue of Alexandria.

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A subtle combination of arts

The story started when the Swiss-French photographer Manuel Braun decided to make a trip in Egypt, in quest of inspirations like the XIX painters, attracted by the amazing lights and landscapes of Orient.

There, he was introduced by the Curator and director of the French Institute in Egypt, Alexandria, Véronique Rieffel to the Ivoirian dancer, and choreographer Jean-Paul Mehansio who was in quest of new inspirations for his art too, in a country shared between its African roots and its Mediterranean opening. From this great meeting, they both gave birth to a wonderful journey inside the streets of Alexandria, far away from the touristic places, in inhabited places, sometimes unknown by the residents themselves, who only the photographer can reveal the mysterious beauty.

How can you occupy those spaces when you are so stranger from them? Manuel's work gave a new representation of that city in perpetual evolution.

That series is a real human adventure between two artists through 13 images describing the oniric story, unusual, and mysterious of a metamorphosing city, which raw beauty gives the artists a complete liberty.

Sometimes close to religious paintings with black Christus and San Sebastian, with a mix of urban dance composed of jumps and improvisations, the Photographer portrays a changing and timeless city.

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About the Artist

Graduated from Les Beaux Arts, Manuel Braun is a Swiss-French photographer born in Geneva in 1980, whose work focuses on portraiture and fashion.

His portraits of artists, writers, philosophers, politicians, and designers published in the most famous French and International Magazines reveal a cinematographic approach of the photography, with a technical mastery of the light and atmospheres. He was published in Forbes, El Pais, Le Monde, Télérama, Libération, Elle, Grazia, Marie Claire and many others.

Besides portraits, Manuel Braun is also attracted by the atmosphere of the catwalks where he loves photographing shapes and movement, colors and materials.

Manuel Braun also does a lot of personal work, working with analog cameras like his project about Syrian Refugees in France called "The Syrian Secret". He worked also in societal projects like the intergeneration question with a movie called "Hier, ce sera mieux" made with his pictures of young and old people from a Paris Suburb city.

To see more of Manuel's work:


Jean Paul Mehensio's Website

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