2017 is coming to an end, and it is time for a retrospective of the excellent blog interviews we had! We propose you to discover our selection of the 6 MOST-READ posts from the 2nd part of the year: the best interviews with the best images in full resolution, powered by Prodibi as usual.

Here we go!

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1# Dive into the glossy and minimal aesthetic universe of the Fashion photographer Lara Callahan

Let's get a little bit of Fashion & Beauty Photography with the Brooklyn-based photographer Lara Callahan!

Dive into the glossy and minimal aesthetic universe of this great photographer. See textures, liquids, & movements that she loves using in her compositions.

To the full post: Lara Callahan

2# Light on the Foveon sensor story and the captivating passion at the heart of its users

A community of passionate photographers tells us everything about the Foveon sensor and their approach to photography! Kim Libre, one of their active member, shared with us his point of view.

Light on the Foveon sensor that equips Sigma cameras, the good, the bad, and the underlying philosophy you need to have when shooting with such unique sensor.

To the full post: Passion Foveon

3# Amazing Compositing images by the hand of photographer Elias Amari

The amazing Swiss-based photographer, Elias Amari, is a professional photographer that works a lot in advertising, still-life, and luxury. But as an artist, he is interested in a lot of different things, like making absolutely amazing compositing images!

To the full post: Elias Amari
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4# Wonderful Icelandic landscapes through the eyes of French Photographer Etienne Ruff

Etienne Ruff, a French non-professional, but passionate and talented, photographer shared with us his awesome series of pictures from his trips in Iceland, The Paradise of photographers.

A subject we all particularly love: awesome landscape photography!

To the full post: Etienne Ruff

5# Secrets to shoot a Portrait like a pro - an interview with Headshot Crew associate Patric Pop

If Portraiture has you immediately thinking about Peter Hurley and his Headshot Crew, that's normal; they are worldwide known for the excellence of their photos.

We recently met with one of their associate who told us everything about the creative process behind a great portrait shot: Patric Pop!

To the full post: Patric Pop

6# Pleasing to the eye! Photographer Laura Bonnefous mixes Fashion and Plastic Arts in a stunning universe

Do you think it is possible to reinvent Photography? Young and award-winning French Photographer Laura Bonnefous answers us and proves it!

By using her experience in Plastic Arts, she achieved to develop an extraordinary universe: abstract and surrealistic but also very trendy!

To the full post: Laura Bonnefous

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