This week on the Prodibi Pixel Magazine, we focus on a prolific street photographer we particularly like from Cambridge, UK: Craig Whitehead

Craig's playground is the streets where he loves to combine both colors and bodies in perfect compositions. Let's immerse ourselves in the streets of Cambridge with him and his stunning photos!

About the artist

Craig Whitehead is better known by his social media tag "Six Street Under" and his Instagram account in which he posts moments of everyday life from the streets of Cambridge where he is based.

The locations, routes, and people of this city are his muse that he photographs since his university days. "My work features peculiar scenes and characters, harsh light, and the colour so many seem to overlook in the everyday," he explains.

To shoot these extraordinary moments from everyday life, Craig's favorite equipment includes the Fujifilm X-Pro2 camera and the long XF 56mm F/1.2 R lens that enables him to play with unconventional focus points and composition. "It really frees your mind to concentrate on the moment and your art," he says.

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Life on the streets

In his interview for the issue 23 of the Fujifilm X Magazine, Craig says about his city: "I wanted to start photographing as much as I could, and that meant shooting what was within reach every day, which was street photography. Cambridge is one of those places that can deliver the unexpected quite often. For its size, it's busy and full of architecture that you don't see in too many places in the UK."

Craig's project series "Street," "Silhouette," and "Abstraction" that you can find on his personal Website give you a deeper understanding of what street photography can be about and how to build a quality portfolio. Aesthetic, colors, composition, light, and storytelling are elements you can find in each of his photos.

Do you want to take on the challenge of street photography? Be brave and practice as much as you can to develop this gut feeling that we often refer to just having luck. "If you're not out there, walking the miles, then you can't expect to come across these moments," Craig says.

You will have to learn how to visualize the scene before it happens. Workshops are also a possibility and are not only reserved for the usual fashion or landscape photographs, so why not doing it directly with an expert like Craig?

To see more of Craig's work:

Craig's Street Workshop

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