You know the story, you put your favorite photos online, but you are immediately scared to get your images stolen, for good or bad reasons. So you start to think about a strategy to best protect your work, but you end up having a massive watermark on very low-resolution pictures. Or worst, you don't even show your photos online. You feel it is the only right way to protect you.

It is neither satisfying to you nor the visitors of your website, and you might even be losing new leads and followers by not showing the real quality of your craft. While security at 100% is never possible online, there must be a better way to showcase your work and protect it at the same time.

New security features are available starting today on [Prodibi]( - come try with your pictures!

Prodibi images are more secure than standard pictures by nature since only the parts and resolution needed are streamed to the viewers of these photos (see below for the full summary of what we do regarding security!).

The original image is never sent to the device of the viewer unless you enable the download capacity. On top, we have disabled the right-click on the pictures, and all new albums are by default privates.

But we want to go further and offer even more safety to our users.

As of today, Prodibi allows you to strengthen even more your security by enabling URL encryption, image encryption, and stealth mode.

Full encryption of your photos and albums

Making your attacker's life harder is the sure way to increase the safety of your photos. By encrypting the whole flow of your images, Prodibi helps you dramatically reduce your risks.

URL and images encryption will make it difficult for an attacker to automate the download of your photos while stealth mode will make your images invisible in the browser debugger. The encryption of your file can be always on or only when zoomed in at 100% to ensure the best compromise between quality and performance.

Warning - please read:

  • Encryption requires a secured context meaning HTTPS certificate and a modern browser. Your encrypted images will NOT display if you embed them in an HTTP page.
  • You need to re-encode your images, meaning setting your album to "Always encrypted" will not be enough, you will have to upload the photos to this album for them to be secure and encrypted.

###Smart watermarking To protect against the usual copy and screenshot, you can also now add a watermark. The watermark can always be visible or applied only when zoomed in at 100%.

You can upload your watermark (512 x 512px transparent png) and set its opacity in the Security & Quality tab. If you select to apply watermark in this tab, it will be automatically applied to ALL albums.

You can apply the watermark at an album level.

Always on watermark

Watermark applied only at 100% resolution

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A full range of security features for your photos

Prodibi takes very seriously the security of your images and wants to make sure that you will make the life of an attacker as difficult as possible.

Here are all elements that ensure your photos are well protected, including our new features:

  • We never send the full size of the image to your viewer's device, unless you have enabled the full-resolution download of your photos
  • All URLs are encrypted with SSL/OAuth2 security protocols
  • Disabled right-click "save image as" by default
  • All new albums are private by default
  • All photos are stored on secure servers that only you can access.
  • All data is backed up in multiple remote data centers distributed across the world
  • Full encryption of the URLs, images, and browser stealth mode
  • Smart watermarking, always on or only at 100% resolution
  • Your contact information, private data, and of course, photos, are yours and yours alone, Prodibi will never use them or sell without asking your permission first.

Additionally, we have other specific security features that are coming soon, notably but not only, password protected galleries, access control for your transfer links, and copyright protection.

Absolute safety is never possible, but your photos are in good hands with Prodibi, you can finally showcase them the way you created them.

Stay tuned for more!

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