This week on Prodibi, we feature one of our favorite landscape photographers: Alexandre Deschaumes

Alexandre is a talented photographer from France, well-known for his breathtaking ethereal mountain photography which always brings new inspirations and dreams. Observing his photos carries you to a new world in which nature is a dominant power.

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A few words about you. Explain me a little bit how did you start photography?

I started photography a bit randomly and approximately around my home in Haute Savoie, looking for mist in the autumnal forests.

It's not the mountain that took me to photography but the other way around. Little by little I found echoes more revealing in the wild and the charismatic peaks.

I started around 2003 when I was doing a lot of music (creation, improvisation). I had trouble finding a path in the studies or the professional, I could not find my place and meaning anywhere in the traditional areas.

And most importantly, at that time, I was in love with one-sidedness and harbored immense frustration and sadness.

Did you try other photography styles? Or Landscape Photography has always been your favorite one?

I did and I always do portraits, in parallel. It's connected to the same emotions in my head. The portrait of a tree, a person, a mountain. In each case, there is the essence of the subject and my interpretation of it. Something that goes in the direction of the poetic, the nostalgic, the ghostly...

Regarding your photography gear. What are your favorite camera, lens, and equipment?

Currently 5D SR, 5D MK IV with for example 85mm F1.2L II, 300 2.8L II IS, 100-400, 24-105. For the mountain, I use a lot of long focal lengths.

An advice for beginners that want to start Landscape Photography.

Once the techniques are mastered and you have acquired the knowledge of your material, know how to remain instinctive so that the essential emanates naturally. The rest are only artifices that will tire you afterward.

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What was your favorite trip? Why?

Trek in Patagonia, even if now there are many pictures from there and unfortunately there was a little demystification. I could feel sensations of very strong beauty, excessiveness and a lot of inspiration from shapes and lights...

Do you have projects in the future? Workshops, Travels?

Workshop with Erin Babnik (USA) at the Dolomites in August and Iceland in September
I also do private courses in the Alps to my home, I released my Ethereal Travel Book available here: as well as the movie "The quest for inspiration".

A new book, new expeditions are in abstract projects...I also exhibit regularly, and I sell limited edition art prints. You have to subscribe to my facebook profile Alexandre Deschaumes to see what's new!

To see more of Alexandre's work:

His Website

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