This week on Prodibi we choose to focus on a fantastic discovery: Simone Hutsch, a graphic designer from Germany who has a particular love for ultra-minimalist architecture photography!

Discover her universe in this series of 14 photographs powered by Prodibi!

###About the artist### As some of us are still in the middle of the winter and its greyness, there is nothing better than a totally clear blue sky to pump up our mood.

Simone Hutsch, a German graphic designer, photographer, and art director based in London, has made a speciality of photographing sharp geometrical architectures over an immaculate blue sky background.
It is on her Instagram account that she lets express all her creativity with minimal composition combining shapes and colors at the boundary between architecture, still life, and fine-art photography.
Simone has a universe of her own, an obsessive experience of pop architecture with building posing in front of the camera of the photographer, and always together with their clear sky.

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###To see more of Simone's work: Instagram

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