This week on Prodibi, let's be amazed by the stunning work of photographer Olivier Chapelle

Olivier is a French photographer and art director based in Aix-en-Provence with a definite taste for mixing creativity and absurdity in inventive compositions.

Discover his artistic work and do not forget to zoom and explore his photographs!

How to create a great composition?

When it comes to his creative approach, Olivier tends to look first for the decor to get the initial idea, the visual aspect, and only after that, he looks for a story to place inside this decor.

"By giving free rein to your imagination, it can help you revisit lighter stories as you see fit, such as the fairy tales from our childhood," says Olivier.

"The photographer likes to take the time, the one to give shape to an idea and the one of the reflection."

"The photo is the chance to be where it is needed, well aligned like the planets. So when you're not an astronomer, rather than waiting for eclipses, you can patiently look for situations, go on a trip, try to reproduce the absurdity that we imagined," observes Olivier.

In his photo series "Safari", Olivier depicts an hostile hunting party in which two hunters are looking for raw material. A way for the photographer to mock the fashion world and to denounce the trap of the wonders of nature that we exploit to satisfy our species.

A way to portrait the cruelty of "fashion hunters" against wild patterns and animals where the woman is at the same time a guilty consumer, a source, a target, a victim and a goddess.

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Artifice, illusion, manipulation of reality is the common thread of a graphics set that diverts visual codes.

To see more of Olivier's work:

His Portfolio Website

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