The medium format through my eyes in New York, by CharlyHO.

Here is my point of view on an America without political connotation, nor excess; but just a testimony of a dynamic city with different rhythms depending on the moments when one looks.

Today, I see these gigantic buildings that touch the sky and those lights that flood Time Square with images. I see these policemen crisscrossing the streets; I also see these famous hot dogs at the corner of the streets. I imagine these graffiti that dress the walls in haute couture, not to mention the poverty that roams the lives. I do not forget those fire trucks so heroic on September 11th.

We have seen America so much in all these excesses, powerful America or hateful America, the land where the American dream continues to nourish hope.

But today, I prefer to discover America without makeup, with simple lives and stories to see, but all as rich in what we can imagine through these simple clichés.

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