This week on Prodibi we choose to focus on one specific series of photos that we particularly enjoyed viewing: the study of contrast, light, and curves by the French photographer Julien Apruzzese

Discover this stunning series about the omnipresence of contrast and its beauty, in diptych reading with 10 photos powered by Prodibi!

A few words about you. Explain to us, how did you start photography?

After 10 years as a sound engineer, I bought my very first camera in 2012. I am passionate about art and science, and their relationship. So after having studied the art of the sound and its science for several years, I enjoyed starting studying the art of the image and its science.

###How do you describe your style as a photographer? My style has the freedom not to have a style. I see myself as an image creator, and I love creating everything that comes in my dreams. The marvelous is in the details. Maybe these words can describe at best what I aspire to.

###You recently published an art series called "contrast"; how did you come up with this idea? I had a project in mind, something very graphic. I noted this in a notebook, but I never had the opportunity to put it in place. It spoke of white background and white board superimposed with shadows and lights, and model between the two.

And then the opportunity came to try the medium format GFX-50S from Fujifilm; it was a revelation. I think it's neither the definition nor the sharpness that surprised us the most - even if they're just amazing - rather the dynamic range. We managed to record lights in the same image that I could not have done before and it served the project which had many gradients. And I think this is what brought special value to these images.

###Why the name contrast? Contrast is everything. Our senses are governed by the relative. We appreciate the light because we know the darkness. Curves fascinate us, even more, when confronted with cold lines. And so the audacity to unfold itself draws its strength in the charm of his first decency.

This series is a study on the omnipresence of contrast and its beauty, in diptych reading.

###Are you inspired by the work of other photographers or artists? Which ones? I am immensely inspired by the work of masters in photography, but also masters in painting, drawing, cinema and others image creators. Irving Penn, Annie Leibovitz, Erwin Olaf, Leonard de Vinci, Eugene Delacroix, Caravage, and so many others. I discovered Romain Renard recently for his works on Melville comics. Being inspired by these masters is my greatest form of respect.

###Do you have projects for the future like workshops, personal series? I have so many ideas that I need more than 24 hours in a day. I would like to start my first big workshop at the end of this year where we would study the art and science of creating an image, from concept, light to post-production.

Making of photos and video:

###To see more of Julien's work: Julien's Portfolio Website Instagram Facebook Youtube

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