This week on the Prodibi Pixel Magazine, we want to talk about landscape photography, and more precisely about the best places in the world to photograph. But we also want to move away from the obvious, so here is our top 8 of lesser know places for beautiful landscape photography!

From the shores of Alaska to national parks in Wales, there is a location for every taste!

If you actively follow discussion boards or online magazines about photography, you might have seen photographers starting to complain about how social networks like Instagram have changed landscape photography, notably by making the exceptional more common.

The Kirkjufell mountain in Iceland or the Horseshoe Bend in the Grand Canyon? You have probably seen them a hundred times now. And while these are fantastic places you should definitely have on your bucket list, we wanted to offer you a selection of lesser known sites to inspire you for your next trip. It always takes time to find the best locations, and time is best spent outside exploring with your camera.

A camera is the best vehicle to travel the world and explore unbelievable locations, where are you going next?

Check out some of our recommendations, and remember, the best place might be right around the next corner!




Ladakh, India

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Tasmania, Australia


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