Sun is Up! It has now become a tradition, during every major holiday, we present you with a selection of the MOST-READ blog posts from the ongoing year. July is here, and it is the perfect time to discover the part one of the selection with stunning images in full-resolution, like always!

Let's start in July with the first half of our Top 10 MOST-READ posts. The second part will be in early August!

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1# A love for creative beauty shots, an interview with passionate photographer Quentin Décaillet

As a passionate artist, Quentin always combines elements and tells stories, plays with colors, draws scenes, and shares emotions through his pictures.

Photography and retouching are his passion, and education is a natural gift that helps him share his knowledge with everyone. Discover his story and experience in this interview!

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2# Awaken your imagination with the ethereal beauty photographs of Alexandre Deschaumes

Alexandre is a talented photographer from France, well-known for his breathtaking ethereal mountain photography which always brings new inspirations and dreams. Observing his photos carries you to a new world in which nature is a dominant power.

Dive into his story and pictures in high res!

To the full post: Alexandre Deschaumes

3# Fantastic portrait and fashion photography, Paula Sprenger gives a clean, honest, and peaceful look to her photos

Discover Paula's excellent work, simple and harmonious, with a clean, honest and peaceful look, and learn how her background in filmmaking is part of the reason for the exceptional quality of her pictures!

Discover Paula's artistic work and make sure to zoom in and explore her photographs!

To the full post: Paula Sprenger

4# Hidden paintings behind the glass, a modern photographic reinterpretation of botanical illustrations by Samuel Zeller

This is a series at the border between painting, photography, and fine art. A fantastic reinterpretation of botanical illustrations through a camera lens.

After formal studies in graphic design, Samuel decided to leave his day job to pursue a career in photography and specializes in editorial, architecture, travel, and fine art photography.

To the full post: Samuel Zeller

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5# Top 22 genres of photography to inspire you and develop your knowledge

we cover the different types of photography that you can come across as a photographer or a photo enthusiast.

From eye-opening landscape images to awe-inspiring fine art scenes, one point is obvious: the world of photography is incredibly nuanced, and photographs come in countless forms.

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