This week on the Prodibi Pixel Magazine, we cover again the outstanding work of a photographer we particularly like, CharlyHO

We have already covered the story of Charly in a previous interview, this time we want to put the focus on his new series of photos which perfectly mix colors, textures, composition, and shapes.

Discover his series with 19 photos in full resolution, let's go!

###About the series Through this series, I lead a personal reflection on the perception of an artwork.

The question is:

"What do we really see between what is conscious and what is unconscious, what is seen between the vision of a thing and the very representation of it through a mind sometimes objective and sometimes subjective. "

The basis of the artwork is to start from a photograph taken from a personal point of view. The work of rendering details and colors must respect the original point of view of the framing and the composition, and at the same time, tighten the links between the photograph and the painting.

One day, during an exhibition, a painter affirmed to his friends in front of my photos:

"But what difference is there between my paintings and these works? My material for my creations is the gouache, the material for CharlyHO's work is the pixel."

***CharlyHo previous interview with Prodibi:** [Hear the fabulous story of the multifaceted self-taught photographer CharlyHO](
###To see more of CharlyHO's work: Website Facebook Instagram

All photographs copyright Charly Ho and used with his permission.

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