This week on Prodibi, we cover again the outstanding work of a photographer we particularly like, Manuel Braun.

The last time we talked about Manuel, he was photographing a contemporary dancer in the streets of Alexandria, Egypt. This time we want to put the focus on his new series "T-Girls" that he exhibited in Arles this year at "Les rencontres de la Photographie".

Discover his series with 14 photos in full resolution, let's go!

About the series

T-Girls — transgender, transsexual, travesti (cross-dressed) women, as they are called, as though it were necessary to name and categorize what is foreign to us, is a photographic work on the subject of transidentity, with the aim of honoring their courage.

For more than a year, Manuel made the portrait of these women who had the courage to assume their difference and claim who they are, giving them the floor through interviews. The result is a sensitive work, aimed at questioning the public and changing consciences.

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With all photos shot with a film camera, Manuel's portraits of the T-Girls reveals a cinematographic approach of the photography, with a technical mastery of the light and atmospheres.

Interview with the T-Girls (in French):

T-Girls // Manuel Braun - 2018

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To see more of Manuel's work:


All photographs copyright Manuel Braun and used with his permission.

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