This week on the Prodibi Pixel Magazine, we meet with French photographer Etienne Clotis to cover his new photo series ICONIC.

ICONIC is a photographic project that presents images of personalities who have marked their era through 150 scenes.

Let's enter the world of these renowned figures and discover Etienne's great portrait compositions, all powered by Prodibi!

A few words about you, how did you start photography?

I was awarded the Master Qualified European Photographer title and I have been a photographer for fifteen years now.

I’m also makeup and hair artist and an image consultant.

Did you try other photography styles or portrait has always been your favorite one?

Originally I’m a fashion photographer, I’ve been working for Elle Magazine, Vogue, YSL, Elite Model Agency.

I’ve been moving and doing private clients here in Aix-en-Provence for five years. That’s why I am now focused on portraits.

I have been working on ICONIC for three years and that’s my artistic project.

Any advice for beginners who want to start portrait photography?

For a Junior photographer, I would say that the keys are to question yourself all the time and to learn because it’s only through experience that you can evolve and create your photographic eye.

Are you inspired by the work of other photographers or directors, painters?

My inspirations are two French photographers named Pierre et Gilles, I love their staging. Robert Mapplethorpe for the Black & White and "Le Turk" who has his own universe.

Is there someone in the world you dream to photograph or a particular goal you wish to reach?

Of course, I would like to photograph Mylène Farmer, it’s been years that I love her video clips, her visuals, everything she does touches me.

The story behind the photo series ICONIC (in French):

ICONIC from Clotis.

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About your photography gears, what are your favorite tools?

I am working with a Nikon D850 and I really like to work in the studio with a 70 - 200, I think it gives a really interesting depth of field.

Do you have projects for the future like workshops, personal series?

About my future projects, I just finished my Iconic set which went around France for three years and the Iconic book was released in June.

For now, I don’t have any other art projects, I don’t know if I’m going to do another set of Iconic photographs. I currently feel like photographing some "special features".

And finally, for the workshops at the "Maison de la Photographie", we are doing every year a session which is called "L’Atelier" with my two collaborators Sophie Bourgeix and Thibault Chappe. There are thirty-three trainees and this year it starts in January.

To see more from Etienne:

His Website

All photographs copyright Etienne Clotis and used with his permission.

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