Phase One released Capture One 12 last week, the latest edition of its image editing software with many innovations. One of them was particularly anticipated by the Prodibi team, the possibility to create a Prodibi plugin for Capture One!

A plugin is a simple way to add even more features and capabilities to Capture One's toolset, and when it comes to a Prodibi plugin, it means bringing full resolution picture support directly within your software.

But this is only the beginning, we work tirelessly to improve your full resolution image workflow and expand our offering. Let's discover our Capture One plugin features together!

The new Prodibi Capture One plugin is available starting today on Prodibi - come try it with your pictures!

You can download the plugin on this web page: Prodibi Capture One Plugin

About the Prodibi plugin for Capture One

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To address the needs of photographers and creatives looking to share, embed and collaborate on their images in full resolution, we decided to bring the Prodibi experience to your Capture One software with an automatic workflow between the two services.

Here is the list of features you will enjoy directly from Capture One by using our plugin:

1. Share web galleries

Share full quality images and super fast web galleries from Capture One

  • Zoomable images with extra security
  • Full resolution up to 3 gigapixels
  • Preview for social media

2. Transfer your pictures

Let your clients view and download your photos in full resolution in one click

  • Deliver your photos via download
  • Jpeg, Png, Tiff, Raw formats supported
  • Download the full gallery or only the selected image
3. Send proofing galleries

Get client feedback with proofing galleries in full resolution

  • Get ratings back to your catalog or session
  • Fast and elegant galleries on both the web and mobile

4. Auto-tag your photos - coming soon

Add keywords automatically to your Capture One Catalog or session to help you organize, find and manage your photos

  • Auto tag directly from Capture One
  • Get tags back to your catalog or session as keywords
  • Categorize, label and identify content
  • Detect faces with age, emotion, gender and more
  • Improve accuracy with domain-specific models such as wedding, food, apparel, travel, etc.

5. Embed your images to your website - coming soon

Insert full quality photos and galleries to any web page with ease

  • Full resolution quality and best speed
  • Perfect formatting, responsiveness, pixel density and color profile
  • No IT knowledge required

    You can download the plugin on this web page: Prodibi Capture One Plugin

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Feel free to send us feedback and bug report using our live chat so we can improve the plugin and make it as useful as possible for you!

Stay tuned for more to come!

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