Today, with the launch of our new and highly anticipated auto-tagging feature for the Prodibi Capture One plugin, we also decided to announce our new pricing plans for 2019!

The updated pricing structure will take effect in January and brings a new way to use Prodibi in a positive way. But don't worry, no price hiking up, it is the way we evaluate your activity that changes from storage usage to the number of photographs you have on your account.

Plus, if you are willing to upgrade from the free account and become a premium user, the starter plan now starts at only $4.99 per month!

Here are all the details:

  • No more storage limitation, you are now only limited by the number of images you upload.
  • There are now three premium tiers: Starter, Standard, Ultimate
  • The Starter plan, which costs $4.99 per month, comes with enough space to fit 1'000 JPEG with up to 1 gigapixel in resolution.
  • The Standard plan, which costs $10.99 per month, comes with enough space to fit 15'000 JPEG with up to 3 gigapixels in resolution and 25 GB of storage for your RAW, TIFF, and PNG image files.
  • The Ultimate plan, which costs $24.99 per month, offers now UNLIMITED space for your JPEG and 50 GB of storage for your RAW, TIFF, and PNG image files.
  • The Free plan to try Prodibi is limited to 100 photos, but you are free to delete photos to add new images to your account.
  • The Prodibi features of sharing, embedding, transferring, and creating website portfolio remain free to use for all accounts within the image limit.
  • Removing the Prodibi branding is accessible to the Standard and Ultimate plans
  • Watermarking, Image Encryption, and Image SEO are reserved to the Ultimate plan

The payment dashboard has also been upgraded, and you can now consult your subscription and update it automatically from your account.

To access your account or start a free plan, visit

New auto-tagging feature and pricing

You can download the plugin (Mac version only, Windows coming soon) on this web page: Prodibi Capture One Plugin

The long-awaited auto-tagging feature will particularly get the attention of photographers willing to better organize, search, and manage their photos in Capture One 12.

This new service will tag the images automatically in a catalog or sessions as keywords with the possibility to add domain specific keywords such as Wedding, Food, Apparel, Travel, Celebrity, Texture, and Landmark.

Powered by computer vision and artificial intelligence, this new feature can detect faces, ages, emotions, genders, and many more.

With the Prodibi Capture One plugin you can:

  • Auto tag your photos directly from Capture One
  • Get tags back to your catalog or session as keywords
  • Categorize, label, and identify content
  • Detect faces with age, emotion, gender, and more
  • Improve accuracy with domain-specific models such as wedding, food, apparel, travel, etc.

The Prodibi plugin for Capture One is free to download and install but requires a Prodibi account to operate.

The auto-tagging feature is available for purchase starting at $2 for 1’000 tagging credits or via subscription plan starting at $3.99 per month for 3’000 credits.

Feel free to send us feedback and bug report using our live chat so we can improve the plugin and make it as useful as possible for you!

Stay tuned for more to come and we truly hope you enjoy using Prodibi as much as we enjoy building it.


The Prodibi Team

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