"Do what you can with what you have, wherever you are". This quote best describes the work of this week photographer, Sylvia Michel, who spends her time capturing the beauty of the Swiss Alps.

With a focus on landscape and wedding photography, and always accompanied by her loyal German shepherd Rasta, Sylvia has set herself the goal to inspire people.

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A few words about you, how did you start photography?

I started photography in the year 2014. It was always a hobby for me, but that year I thought I needed a change. So I quitted my job at a private tv station and started as a self-employed photographer.

Do you enjoy other photography styles or landscape photography has always been your favorite one?

Yes, I think you need a kind of inspiration from others. But I don’t have a special photographer as a favorite. It also makes no difference for me if someone is a professional or amateur. The inner eye is the most important thing.

What was your favorite trip? Why?

Huu, many trips were great! I’m always excited about the colors nature can show. Sometimes I’m just standing there with my mouth wide open.

Is there a place in the world you dream to photograph or a particular goal you wish to reach?

No, not really. I think the beauty is in every little stone - you just have to open your eyes.

About your photography gears, what are your favorite tools?

I work with Nikon. I have a Nikon D850 and different lenses.

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Do you have projects for the future like workshops, personal series?

I have always lived my life after my instinct. So I do have plans, but I also brush aside when I want to make something different.

To see more from Sylvia:

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All photographs copyright Sylvia Michel and used with her permission.

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