Today we go to Spain to meet with Miguel Vallinas who went from traditional advertising photography to creating fantastic surreal portraits.

Driven by his own imagination, we present you Miguel's series "YOU ARE" in which he captures the multiple roles of a person.

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You are…You are the one who resists the storm, you are a refreshing breeze, you are the one who shines a light, You are…

The theme of this new work is the incredible and admirable role of women. Vallinas captures different roles and attitudes that women embody. Each work is filled with acknowledgment and recognition of the indispensable responsibilities of women. The series includes: You are the balance, You are the one who holds the world, You are the inspiration of art, and You are the one who resists the storms.

In these works, the face is obscured, thereby emphasizing the actions of the female protagonists. This makes the women recognizable to all viewers, who can focus on the scenes and the connections that they ignite within themselves. This connectivity fosters a sense of community which empowers the role of women in our lives.

Although the photographs represent static moments, they represent scenes that play out over and over. "Carrying the house on its back", "sustaining the world" or "being the branches of the tree" are qualities intrinsic to women, innate and continuous actions over time.

"You are" aims to highlight the fundamental values of women with more common aphorisms such "you are the one who writes your own history," to other much more complex, abstract and ambitious representations: "you are the light."

You are… You are the inspiration in art, you are balance, you are my shelter from the rain, You are…..

A few words about you, how did you start photography?

I have always been interested in images. I love painting and it still fascinates me to this day. I wanted to paint, I did it and I loved it, but my lack of patience made me interested in something more instantaneous like photography.

It is the unconsciousness of believing that it was only a matter of pressing a button that brought me closer to the craft. It also helped my shyness. I was the one taking group photos because I did not like to appear in the actual picture.

Discovering the works of the great photographers was so impressive, the diversity of styles within photography, photographers can easily devote themselves to different genres depending on their affinity.

The photographer's work can be so different depending on the result they want to achieve or if you do architecture, portraits, photojournalism, industrial, fashion photography...Studio and especially analog photography finished to convince me.

I began by studiying image and sound while taking photography courses. I started to work as an advertising and industrial photographer, but I was always interested in fine art photography and therefore I started to work on it with some personal projects because I like to tell stories with my pictures.

I was combining artistic photography with advertising for a long time until I decided to devote myself 100% to what I had always wanted to do and to be free to photograph what I was interested in. I just love fine art photography.

For you, what describes a successful picture and why?

You never know which photograph will be the one monopolizing the most views in a certain collection, but it is true that there is always one that appeals to most people.

It is evident that I always try to create my photos with the same degree of involvement, but there are still some images that end up representing the whole work.

Photographs must be easily read, aesthetically charged, but above all, with emotional power.

Can you briefly explain your creative process for a great picture?

I like to build the photographs; this means creating an idea, defining a full series and then working on it. I insist on the concept of developing a complete collection.

All the photographs are first in my head, and then I do what is necessary to carry them out.

Are you inspired by the work of other photographers or creative directors, artists?

I love photography, so I try to see as many works from other photographers either in exhibition or in art fairs, magazines, etc.

I admire many photographers, I love to follow them and be up to date with their latest production.

But when it comes to working on my project, I like to have as little influences as possible and approach projects with my style. So I don't let myself be influenced by the work of others to be faithful to my style.

About your photography gears, what are your favorite tools?

I like to work in the studio and to have the entire process under control. The lighting, the idea, the clothing, etc. I try to reproduce with my camera the idea that I have in my head as faithfully as possible.

I like the combination of light and dark, so the background of my work is always black, I then paint it with light.

Clothing is very important in my work. Everything is premeditated and chosen beforehand before the photo shoot. Post-production is important too, so photography is always finished on my computer.

I work a lot on photomontage, my photography is increasingly surreal and I like that it takes me down this road.

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Do you have projects for the future like workshops, personal series or travels?

I have projects for the present and I'm still working on a new photo series. I have original ideas that ask for a lot of space inside my head, and I wish I had more time to do all the things that come to my mind.

I also have hope in the future. I'm excited that my work awakens the interest of those who contemplate it and that I have the opportunity to continue to show my works in art fairs, galleries, and new exhibitions.

I just want my photographic work to be of sufficient interest so that I can continue to do it and dedicate all my free time for my most personal work.

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All photographs copyright Miguel Vallinas Pietro and used with his permission.

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