Sun is Up! It has now become a tradition, during every major holiday, we present you with a selection of the MOST-READ blog posts from the ongoing year. July is here, and it is the perfect time to discover the part one of the selection with stunning images in full-resolution, like always!

Let's start in July with the first half of our Top 10 MOST-READ posts. The second part will be in early August!

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1# Capturing incredible expressions, Elke Vogelsang takes her love of dogs down to nose level

In this interview, we meet with a commercial and editorial photographer specializing in pet portraiture: Elke Vogelsang aka “Wieselblitz.”

Known for her book "Nice Nosing You," Elke likes using dark lighting and a wide angle lens to capture an intimate perspective of man's best friend.

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2# Give a sense of narrative to your photos, an interview with food photographer Darina Kopcok

We talk to food and lifestyle photographer Darina Kopčok from Vancouver, Canada.

Using her fine art training to create evocative images with a distinct sense of mood and place, Darina delights us with her great composition.

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3# Deconstruction and surrealism in portraits of human beings with Miguel Vallinas

We go to Spain to meet with Miguel Vallinas who went from traditional advertising photography to creating fantastic surreal portraits.

Driven by his own imagination, we present you Miguel's series "YOU ARE" in which he captures the multiple roles of a person.

To the full post: Miguel Vallinas

4# Desolate landscapes and troubling portraits in Kyrgyzstan with Elliott Verdier

we travel with the French photographer Elliott Verdier to Kyrgyzstan and its breathtaking mountainous landscapes.

Elliott's photographs attempt to reconstitute a concealed story of broken dreams and surprising vitality in a delicate balance.

To the full post: Elliott Verdier

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5# Artworks of fascinating and colorful Japanese urban scenes by artist Erin Nicholls

We meet with an incredible artist who has studied creative arts for many years and recreates amazing Japanese street scenes: Erin Nicholls

The scenes Erin portrays are fleeting moments in time, an attempt to convey the Japanese phrase 物の哀れ 'mono no aware' - the gentle sadness of things.

To the full post: Erin Nicholls

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