Alexander Lindsay is a photographer we particularly like for his monumental landscape photos and that we have already presented before. He has developed his own techniques to capture and print, in minute detail and on an epic scale, wilderness regions of the world. Today, he comes back with an exhibition which will take place in Wyoming, USA, from August 1st to 6th 2019. Let's discover his coming exhibition with tons of pictures in full-resolution!

To see more from Alexander: Link to his website & event


The Grand Teton National Park Photography of Alexander Lindsay

In 2015, inspired by works of Ansel Adams, who created some of his most iconic images in this beautiful mountain range, Alex made his first photographic expedition to The Grand Teton National Park, and spent the entire months of January and September walking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and photographing the breathtaking emptiness and quietness of this magical region. Temperatures drop to a sobering -20°c even in the daylight hours, and many a time his eyelashes froze to the camera eyepiece! These works are now being exhibited for the first time to an American audience.

Alex prints his works personally, in ultra-high resolution, and on an epic scale - his Grand Teton expeditions resulted in a number of limited edition prints ranging in size from 40" to nearly 20 ft wide. Alexander Lindsay's photography can be now viewed on his website and a major exhibition is starting on August 1st, 2019 at 10:00am at THE GONDOLA STORAGE BARN (access by Bridger Gondola) in the Teton Village, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Wyoming, USA.

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