2019 is coming to an end, and it is time for a retrospective of the excellent blog interviews we had! We propose you to discover our selection of the 5 MOST-READ posts from the 2nd part of the year: the best interviews with the best images in full resolution, powered by Prodibi as usual.

Here we go!

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1# Wonderful creative fine art portrait photography by Giulia Valente

We start this Winter Essential post with the interview of Giulia Valente, a talented fine art portrait photographer from Italy.

Giulia is a true expert in capturing intense emotions in beautiful portraits with a great eye for inspirational detail.

To the full post: Giulia Valente

2# The life of a parts model: Inside the world of model and body specialist Matilde Simone

A bit of change, we do things differently in this interview with no photographer, but instead, we discuss with French parts model Matilde Simone.

With wide experience as a hand model and body specialist, Matilde travels between Europe and the USA to pose for famous beauty, luxury and lifestyle brands.

To the full post: Matilde Simone

3# Visual storyteller Aaron Anderson composes captivating portrait photographs

In this post, we interview the professional photographer and retoucher Aaron Anderson from Colorado Springs, USA.

Specializing in Sport, Portrait and Composite imagery, Aaron's photographs are always shaped by amazing lighting.

To the full post: Aaron Anderson

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4# Frozen moments in Kyrgyzstan, poignant stories by photographer Irina Unruh

We follow the fantastic personal projects of documentary photographer Irina Unruh.

Irina was born in the small German community of Kyrgyzstan before moving to Germany at the age of 9. It is now with the eyes of an adult that Irina went back to her origins to document her personal view of the country.

To the full post: Irina Unruh

5# Dark and light contrasts to create depth in fine-art portraiture, with Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk

In this long interview, we meet with Canadian photographer Ian Pettigrew, a committed and versatile artist with a clear vision for his pictures.

Ian has a personal connection with his subjects, they are suffering from Cystic Fibrosis just like he is.

To the full post: Ian Pettigrew

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